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Catamaran E850/28' Tour Boat

Ph.844-843-4372 Hull Only with Global Shipping Turn Key with 60 Hp (Instant Online Quotes) . OB (Instant Online Quotes) 90 to 120 days delivery time. Made to order

Prices Below Include Global Shipping

  • Catamaran bottom
  • Length 8.5m
  • Width 2.9m
  • Depth 0.85m
  • (Instant Online Quotes)
  • Catamaran hull foam floatation
  • Capacity 27
  • Fiberglass canopy and s/s support
  • Curtains
  • Fiberglass seats 18
  • Console
  • s/s rails.

half ca bin version or full cabin version :

  • Fiberglass house,front door and back door(plastic or stainless steel),aluminum frame windows
  • House length 3m;
  • Inside wall soft fabric like car.
  • Console and one driver seat
  • Stainless steel rails at bow and stern (304#)
  • two storages at open deck
  • two storages inside.
  • Nav lights
  • Inside height 1.9m to 2m
  • (Instant Online Quotes)

Optional :


  • Overall Length8.50 m
  • Beam2.90 m
  • Depth 0.85 m
  • Approx. Hull Weight 2500Kg
  • Fuel Capacity 120L
  • Recommended Engine 60-90Hp
  • Capacity Persons) 28
  • Approx. Speed 20-30km/h


  • Battery for electric power
  • Engine electric 30hp for 10km/h
  • Luxury Wheel

Standards Fittings

Hull FRP 0
Rail Stainless steel 316#
Mooring cleats Stainless steel 316#
Water pump 1000Gph 12V
Tank Stainless steel 120L
Fuel Inlet Stainless
Draft Stainless
Outlet Stainless
Bow light
Search light
CD 12V
Life jacket
Fire extinguisher
Ventilation opening.
Life buoys
Hardtop FRP