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Passenger 17M boat, 30 to 78 persons

The 17 meter mono hull passenger boat is 58 feet and seats from 30 to 70 passengers comfortably. For the maximum seating one third of the passengers will sit on the top bridge that is open. up to 50 passengers can fit in the fully enclosed cabin. A restroom can be made in the cabin which will take away some seats. This passenger boat comes set up with power in several ways. You can have twin inboard diesel engines or a single diesel engine installed. Single diesel engine will deliver speeds of close to 22 knots. Twin engines higher speeds. You can also set up this water taxi boat with outboard engines as a single or twin engine set up. Fuel capacity is also an option depending on how far you travel. The interior can be made for shuttle trips or can be customized for luxury passenger tours. The 17 Meter water taxi is fully customization according to your budget and needs. The turn key water taxi boat mono hull price (Instant Online Quotes) includes global shipping to your destination. Hull color selection is a standard option. All 17 meter water taxi passenger boats come with GPS and Sonar with full navigation equipment and seating for your passengers. An option for this passenger model is the hull construction. It can be made tough for heavy traffic routes such as Lagos, or made lightweight for speed island hoping in the Bahamas. This water taxi is the most practical and affordable mono hull available that offers full customization for each particular use and regional requirements. At this time C.O.I for this model is able to have 30 passengers maximum capacity.It takes about three to four mnths to build and 35 days for global shipping.



  • Priced Turn Key (Instant Online Quotes) with U.S.C.G. certification or CE Mark / Reduced Price for sales outside the U.S.A. and Europe / Includes Deliver Worldwide - Excludes Destination Charges
  • Model: passenger 17m boat
  • length: 17M
  • width: 4m
  • weight: 8500kg
  • Engine: Inboard diesel model or outboard engine model.
  • Max passenger seats: 70,or if with toilet room:66..(include flybridge 15)
  • diesel inboard engine 2x205kw
  • Speed: 40km/h.(21kn)

Standard Equipment

  • Generator 6kw and Air-condition (home model)
  • 500L fuel tank with guage
  • electrical wiper
  • nav lights
  • bilge pump
  • battery
  • top fly-bridge with s/s rails
  • up open Aluminum alloy door
  • wood and soft decoration in cabin
  • Wood floor
  • Lights in cabin
  • CD player


  • Boat hull without inboard engine or outboard model without engine and without decoration (Instant Online Quotes).
  • If put 2x270HP diesel inboard (Mercury QSD4.2ES270,Made in USA) (Instant Online Quotes).
    • Max seats if with toilet room:74.(in cabin 59+in flybridge:15)
    • Max speed:22kn.
  • If put 2x320HP diesel inboard(Mercury QSD4.2E320,Made in USA) (Instant Online Quotes).
    • With toilet room max seats:74 (in cabin 59+in flybridge:15)
    • Max speed:24kn.
  • If put 2x350HP diesel inboard (Mercury QSD4.2E350,USA) (Instant Online Quotes).
    • Max speed:27kn.
  • If put 2x220KW inboard diesel (without emmision standards) (Instant Online Quotes).
    • Max speed:22kn
  • If with toilet room, max seats:66.(include 15 at flybridge)
  • Sofa and table instead of passenger seats.
  • Bar
  • 2x500L fuel tank (Instant Online Quotes)
  • 44'' TV set (Instant Online Quotes)